Date: 22nd September 2020

Venue: Virtual conference

Short Description: The final conference organized visually on 22nd of September 2020. The conference was a great opportunity for professionals around Europe to get familiar with all the material developed so far and to experiment with the interactive e-Learning platform (www.moodle.teachersgodigital.eu).

All partners presented their organisations and a project presentation was followed from each Intellectual Output leader.

Later, a discussion was organised for online tools and applications in primary schools. Each partner presented an online tool/application:

  1. SAN – ClickMeeting
  2. RDPSEC – Webex 
  3. Emphasys Centre – Zoom
  4. MPDA – Google Classroom 
  5. Euni Partners – Microsoft Teams
  6. Publica Fides – PowerPoint

A final discussion panel was organised for primary school teachers to share their experiences in the new educational era of COVID-19.