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Foundation of Social Trust – Publica Fides was founded in March 2013 as initiative and collaboration of people whose experience
and interest are focused on social, public, educational and juristic issues, addressed to the different social groups, in different stage
of professional and social development. All activities have for priorities to support people and groups, who in public and social situations, need to be empowered, represented and prepared to independent activity. We act in the national level however we have started from local level of Lodz city and neighborhood. We have been involved in following projects:

Good relations building in classroom, working with ‘difficult’ pupils – addressed to teachers who want to develop competences and real authority working with pupils

Horizons of Social and Professional Life of Youth
in Perspective of Social Work – in collaboration with Foundation of Help for Children and Youth – Łódź Ratunkowa – project of youth exchange (France, Germany, Poland) involving two heterogeneous groups of participants: students of pedagogy (Educational Sciences), social work, social policy
and pupils from vocational school. Partnership has been developed among University of Grenoble, Hochfachschulle Potsdam, Foundations and Ecole de 2 Chance in Chambery. We cooperated also with Youth Centre of Education, Detachment of Volunteer Work and secondary schools in Lodz and orphanage No 9 in Lodz. The aims of the project is building the dialogue between future professionals in social work and the youth threatened by social exclusion who due
to close and personal relation and cooperation will eliminate the distance, interpretational and communicational barriers, will help to understand motivation and way of acting of each group.

Volunteering for Four Voices (VFV)– research on the picture of volunteering and engagement in social needs and expectations in public institutions, especially in local government, health centers, social care centers, educational and cultural institution. The subject of research is collection
of the opinions, experiences and expectations of four partners, big actors of the social life: public institutions representatives, volunteers, beneficiaries – stakeholders. The results will be
the base of diagnosis and will be used firstly for elaboration
of the training for policy makers and management’s institution concerning how to train and cooperate with volunteers and NGO’s, and secondly, for preparation the field for collaboration of volunteers and NGO’s.

Citizens advice – programme of consulting and counseling
for local community in the field of: family law, labour law, relation with institutions, supporting and leading of official relation and correspondence, social care system, dealing
with bailiffs, vocational counseling (twice a week) and open seminars for the society (monthly)

Bank of Time and Services of youth addressed to neighborhood

Analysis of citizen advice – the availability’s research of
the free social counseling and advice
All Foundation collaborators use their own professional experience and expertise in realization of the aims and goals resulting from
the mission and statutes of PUBLICA FIDES. Having the network of collaborators with diverse competences and expertise we can focus
our activities in the future on:

1. Citizen advice
2. Workshops on: citizen education, law education, economic education, anti abuse education, project and process management, time management, auto presentation and self confidence, violence preventing, social right and democracy, citizenship and social participation, tutoring on social leadership and much more
3. Promotion of health and work-life balance
4. Monitoring and researches about public services

Foundation Publica Fides have 8 constant collaborators who perform different functions: founders, advisors, managers, researchers, workers, volunteers, trainers, tutors. All the staff works on volunteer work basis. Each person from the foundation’s staff has own particular experience in independent realization of wide range of projects inter alia: Equal Programme, Jean Monet Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Comenius, Life Long Learning, TOI, DOI, Regional Operation Programmes, European Social Found, EOG and others.

The main local is placed in the formal seat, which is equipped with all office equipment, additionally Foundation may use local in Lodzan Citizens Centre.

All the activities and services are leaded for non lucrative purpose.

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Anna Sołtys