Intellectual Output 2

The assessment and validation process for digitally literate teachers and schools through the use of Open Badges and e-Portfolios

The 2nd Intellectual Output (I.O.) aims to design the eco-system where the Open Badge system are designed in order to identify, recognize, and validate the digital skills and competences gained as specified in the methodology and framework defined in IO1.

Assessment procedure:

  • Stage 1: A self-assessment process was created to define the primary school teachers current digital skills (as defines in IO1). For each module (6 modules – IO1) are designed 5 multiple choice questions for each topic. For each question there are 3 possible answers and 1 answer is the correct. 
  • Stage 2: After the self-assessment procedure and the implementation of the GODIGITAL Programme (implementation) , a final assessment procedure was designed for the primary school teachers to evaluate their digital skills after the pilot-testing (implementation). Each module consists of 10 multiple choice questions taken from the self-assessment quiz with 3 possible answers and 1 answer is correct.
    Users will have 2 attempts to pass the final assessment tests. After they successfully pass the tests will earn the appropriate Badges for each module and/or the overall (super-badge) after receiving all the badges.

Assessment Validation – Self assessment procedure