C2 – Blended mobility of school learners

Date: 28 – 30 September 2020

Venue: Virtual training

Description:The consortium of the GODIGITAL project performed virtual the C2 Blended mobility of school learners. The main focus of the C2 training is for primary school teachers exchange knowledge and experiences from the pilot-testing phase, online study visits and present their profiles and portofolios to the rest of the participants. 

The first day of the C2 training, each partner presented their module through the e-Learning Platform and prepared some online activities for each module. The modules that have been developed are:

  1. Internet
  2. LMS
  3. Hardware
  4. Website Design 
  5. Tools and Applications

The second day of the training, online study visits are organised for French and History classes. 

The third day of the training, three discussions panels are organised to give the opportunity to all participants exchange their knowledge, tips and experience. 

  1. First Discussion Panel: COVID -19 – tomorrow you start online teaching
  2. Second Discussion Panel: New technology and gadgets in educational use
  3. Third Discussion Panel: Use whatever you have at hand – simple tips 

Additionally, for each discussion panel we invited some external experts to give us their advice and knowledge for each topic.

  1. First Discussion Panel: For this discussion, Mrs. Maria Daniella Marouda was invited which is the ECRI Chairman of Council of Europe to present the consequences of COVID-19 in education. 
  2. Second Discussion Panel: For this discussion, the coordinator Andrea Raneletti was invited to present the project “CANVASS+” that propose a MOOC and the CAnVASS + Software which will guarantee teachers the opportunity to try their hand at creating video-lessons for free.
  3. Third Discussion Panel: For the third discussion, Maria Skordili which is e-twinning ambassador and trainer in Crete – Greece and present what e-twinning is and the main benetis.

At the end of the training, feedback was provided for the whole C2 training.

Modules Presentations