Date: 20th July 2020

Venue: Fifth Primary School, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Short Description:  On 20th July 2020 Euni Partners held a Multiplier event within the project GoDigital: INTEGRATING MOBILE LEARNING AND UPGRADING TEACHERS’ DIGITAL SKILLS.

The event was conducted in Fifth Primary School in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Guests on the event were representatives of the Regional Directorate for Education, the Municipality of Blagoevgrad, teachers from Third Primary school, Fifth Primary school and National High school of Human science.

The attendants on the event learn about the project and its objectives, aims and target
groups. We also presented the results from the project, the developed learning modules, the e-learning platform and the Open Badges.

The main aims of the Multiplier Event were to influence the professional community and stakeholders to further investigate the prospects of providing primary school teachers with
opportunities to enhance their digital skills.These opportunities included the acquisition of essential skills and competencies for life, validation of their learning, and improvement of the
teaching process in schools.

At the end of the event there was time for questions and discussions where the stakeholders expressed their opinion and could ask questions. It was also announced that all of the
developed materials through the project are free to use.