Intellectual Output 6

Intellectual output 6 is stepping on the previous IOs. The main aim in this IO is a strategy to be developed for exploitation of the GoDIGITAL project in Primary schools on local and national level, to design a Campaign and Declaration to support the promotion of enhancing teachers’ digital skills, the recognition and validation of the GoDIGITAL Certificate and also a Memorandum of Commitment to be set up.
In this Intellectual Output a Toolkit is completed, where the objective is to empower teachers to become more digitally oriented by giving them the specific tools.
The Toolkit contains a short description of the project, the results and materials created through it, followed by researches, the Digital Competence Framework, description of the eco-system of the Open Badges, description of the e-learning platform, a Guidebook to help teachers to implement the project’s results and teachers’ feedback from the conducted trainings.

Declaration and Petition Online Forms

Declaration and Petition are online forms for stakeholders, policy makers or anyone who is invited to support the GODIGITAL project and the promotion of digitally enhanced teaching in primary schools according to the digital era